Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
How are you? Pray all is well.

Okay, so mashaAllah, we are into week 6 of the reminders.

One quick question: Were you one of those who lost a battle to Shaytaan? Did he make you forget to do any of the good deeds that were discussed over the last 5 weeks?? Were you really excited to gain the pleasure of Allah (Swt) but he made you busy with the pursuits of this life?! By Allah, he is so crafty and the thing about Shaytaan is, that he NEVER NEVER forgets to make us forget!
So, this week, I’m going to remind you about what was discussed over the last five weeks so that you can take ACTION, work on it now and smile for the rest of the day because you managed to defeat the enemy whose sole goal is to take you to the burning fire with him. Plus, at the end of this email I need your help with something.

WEEK 1: What steps have you taken over the last six weeks to develop your level of steadfastness. Have you asked Allah to make you steadfast?! Have you identified the things that make you lazy?? What can you do to work on those things? Remember its not the quantity it’s the quality done regularly!

WEEK 2: It’s all about the small things in life?! Choose a few small good deeds that you strive your utmost to perform regularly. It could be reading surah kahf on a Friday without fail. It could be reading half a page of a Quran without fail, it could be kissing your husband, or children purely for the sake of Allah once a day. Whatever it is, pause before you do it, make it an act for the sake of Allah (Swt) and then enjoy the sweetness of doing a good deed regularly for His Sake.

WEEK 3: Ponder the mercy of Allah (Swt). When you recite surah Fatiha, remember that Allah is Al Malik Al Yawmiddeen because He is the Owner of the Courtroom and can forgive even though a person may be deserving of severe punishment!

WEEK 4: Regardless of whether a Muslim person is young, poor, rich, or old we are believers in Allah and thus we should behave towards our fellow muslims with respect and good character. The sister put it better than I can, so if you need to be reminded again: read here:

WEEK 5: And finally week 5! Did you forward the email? Did you gather your friends and family for that all important cup o’ tea? DEADLINE FOR THIS IS 30TH OCTOBER 2010! I was speaking with a sister and she said that the more letters Mps receive the better. But particularly, sisters and brothers with English names as from past experiences letters from English names seem to get quicker responses! Quite sad but such is the situation here in the UK. Visit here for the lobby pack and how to fight for the justice for Babar Ahmad:
Please please forward to all your contacts and REMEMBER after 30th OCTOBER 2010, that particular way of earning reward will be long gone! So don’t miss out!

And finally, please help me personally by filling out the form if you haven’t already done so and PLEASE FORWARD TO BROTHERS AND SISTERS to also do the same. I need more responses from brothers. You don’t have to be a revert to fill in the form. I would be so grateful if you can help me with this:

See here for details of the project and the forms that need to be filled in:
May Allah reward you! And lets strive to implement the above before next week as we don’t know if this will be our final week!
Wasalamuu alaikum
Umm Raiyaan